Uploads a file to sxcu.net
Allowed file types: png, jpg/jpeg, tif/tiff, gif, Icons (.ico), Bitmap images, Web videos (webm).

Resource URL

POST /upload


image Binary file. The image you want to upload, up to 95 MB in size. NoNone
token String. The upload token for the sub domain that's being used, if one required. YesNone
collection String. The collection ID to which you want to upload to if you want to upload to a collection. YesNone
collection_token String. the collection upload token if one is required by the collection you're uploading to. YesNone
noembed Void. If present, the uploader will return a direct URL to the uploaded image, instead of a dedicated page. YesNone
og_properties JSON. If present, this JSON object will configure the OpenGraph meta tags of the file's page, effectively changing the way it embeds in various websites and apps.

JSON array parameters:
color - sets the theme-color tag, useful to change the embed color in a Discord embed.
description - changes the og:description tag.
title - changes the og:title tag.
discord_hide_url - if true, discord will hide the file's URL and display only the image in chat, if false, the file's URL will also be shown. This flag is incompatible with the rest of the og_properties flags.

    "title":"Some title",
    "description":"A cool description!",
    "discord_hide_url": false
And this is how it looks in Discord.

Response JSON Params

url String The URL to the uploaded image
del_url String The deletion URL for this image, opening this link will delete the image with no confirmation!
thumb String The thumbnail URL to this image (will only be present if file is PNG, JPEG or GIF).

Response error codes and messages

Status codeMessageDescription
412User-agent header not setThe request did not contain a User-Agent header.
410Collection is private but no collection token providedThe collection you tried to upload to is set to private and requires a collection token in order to upload to it.
407Subdomain is private, a valid upload token is requiredThe sub domain you tried to upload to is private, and requires a valid upload token in order to upload to it.
403Invalid upload tokenThe specified upload token does not match the domain's upload token.
416Invalid collection tokenThe specified collection token does not match the collection's token.
404Collection not foundThe specified collection was not found.
405Request is not POSTThe request method must be POST.
406Upload error 101xAn error occurred while handling the uploaded file.
409No file sentNo binary file was sent in the 'image' field.
413File is over the maximum size limitUploaded file is larger than 95 MB.
417File is under the minimum size limitUploaded file is smaller than 12 B.
415File type not allowed.The type of the uploaded file is not supported.
422Malformed JSON in OpenGraph propertiesThe OpenGraph properties JSON array could not be properly parsed, and is most likely malformed.
414og_properties object is too longThe minified og_properties is longer than 250 characters.
429(none)The request exceeded the rate limit.
500The file was not uploaded due to an unknown errorAn unknown error has occurred while processing the file, try again later.

Resource Information

Rate Limit1 request per minute
Response FormatJSON